Ad management for newsletter creators

End-to-end advertising management system -> publish availability, collect details & get paid, all in one.

Interactive Demo —


10x better than a Google Sheet.

Ditch the janky Google Sheet - Sponsaurus makes it easy to manage availability, collect information, and receive payments for your ad space.

Native widget

Embed your Sponsaurus page into a website or Notion board, using the native widget. Your sponsors won't even have to leave your site. Live example above 👆.

Simple payment solution

Quickly generate payment links directly from the app, send them to your sponsor, and get the money as soon as they pay.

Custom Forms

Create custom forms and email templates for your advertising slots. Make sure you get the information you need from your sponsors, first time around.

Smart slot management

Sponsaurus automatically hides advertising spots that go unfilled, so you don't have to worry about managing their availability.

Let's keep in touch.

Sponsaurus is still in (very!) active development. Subscribe for updates to hear about new features and progress updates. Come along for the journey!