Changelog 🔨

All the new updates and improvements to Sponsaurus.

Sep 2 2021

Embed individual slot types

You asked for individual slot-type embeds, so here you go. Using the new embed widget, you can choose between embedding (or linking to) all of your open slots, or just the slots of a specific type.

This makes it easy to direct your potential sponsors to only slots of a certain type. Whether that's through multiple embeds, or simply linking to different pages - you now have the choice.

Just remember that with great power, comes great responsibility …

Aug 24 2021

A better mobile widget

Sponsaurus has a fresh new mobile widget! Designed from the ground-up with mobile in mind, this new widget looks great on any phone or tablet.

With the majority of traffic on the web coming from mobile, it was important to give Sponsaurus users a top-notch mobile experience. This new widget keeps all the important info, fits it into a smaller screen, and looks great.